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grants and auspicing

Kwinana in Transition has received a number of grants over the past few years which have helped us achieve our vision of a strongly connected community and healthy environment. See below for a list of our grants.


Kwinana in Transition also plays an important role of being an Auspicor for individuals or groups who need support funding a project. An unincorporated group may find it difficult to obtain funding such as grants, as funding bodies generally prefer to deal with an incorporated legal entity rather than a group of individuals. KIT can act as Auspicor provided that: 

1. The project fits within the Mission Statement of KIT

2. The project is not profit driven

For more information, contact us or click here to find out how auspicing works

Funder: Waste Authority - Community Grants Scheme 2015

Project Title: Share More, Waste Less 
Status: Completed

Funding was received to create garden beds for the Kwinana community garden, purchase a heavy duty mulcher, and hold 2 workshops (on wicking garden beds and composting / worm farming). The project's objective was to educate community members on ways to grow your own vegetables, share food and knowledge and in doing so reduce waste and water.
This project was part of the bigger Community Garden Project.

Funder: Department of Local Government and Communities Community Gardens Grants Program 2016-2017

Project Title: Food Forrest

Status: Current

The Food Forrest will illustrate the early farm activities at Sloan’s, while acknowledging the natural reserve nearby. The food forest will be a unique area incorporating indigenous trees to form a canopy, with indigenous plants mixed with their distant cousins, introduced food plants from around the world found in our modern cuisine.

Funder: City of Kwinana

Project Title: Bush Tucker Interactive Display
Status: Current

Funding was received to establish a Bush Tucker display. Noongar people have traditionally hunted and gathered food according to the six seasons anmed Bunuru, Djeran, Makuru, Djilba, Kambarang and Birak which are determined by the weather patterns. Funding was provided for raised garden beds, soil and bush tucker.

Funder: Kwinana Community Chest

Project Title: Suicide Prevention
Status: Current

Funding was received to run Mental Health First Aid for the Suicidal Person for 60 people over February, March and April 2018.

The project was auspiced by KIT for Passionate Lives

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