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sewing for sustainability

Have you been wondering why a t-shirt at your local retail chain store is only $2? Have you thought about where it comes from, how it was made and what the real cost is? Have you thought about what we can do as a community to lighten our footprint on the planet?

The aim of Sewing for Sustainability circle is to repair, refashion, remodel and re-dye items of clothing that are still useful and wanted; skill share and to foster community engagement. Bring along your garments, tools if you have them and morning tea to share. Even if you have none of the above, come down with items of clothing in need of repair, your ideas or just a willingness to learn or share.

Sewing for Sustainability is not limited to sewing, the group has made produce bags, eye pillows, wax wraps and KIT Kits, all in the name of sustainability. 

The sewing group formally run an event the first Saturday of each month, but you're likely to find a dfew machines buzzing away each week.  

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