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The garden

Sloan’s cottage has been provided by the City of Kwinana to Kwinana in Transition and provides an excellent site for a community garden. It is a historic reserve and therefore will be protected forever. The cottage on the site has a kitchen with power and water access and there is a public toilet block close to the cottage. At the core of the KIT is community participation. The garden is opened every Saturday from 9am until 1pm, inviting members of local community groups to be involved in the garden. The garden has been running since late 2014 and KIT have worked with the City of Kwinana and The Heritage Society to revamp the garden. The design was informed by historical documentation and the memoirs of Emma Sloan, which provided an invaluable insight on how the garden was when the cottage was first built (1911) and its role to sustain the life of the Sloan family who first settled there. IT has a regular committed membership of 20 – 30 adults who participate in Saturday gardening ‘get-togethers’ and monthly workshops.

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