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Kwinana in Transition (KIT), formally known as Kwinana Community Sharing, has been operating from Sloan’s Cottage since 2014. In this time, we have established the community garden and provided an inclusive place for the community to engage with each other. As a group, KIT is very proud of this achievement and happy to have a volunteer base to continue the growth and development of the garden.


However, the KIT vision is much more than a community garden. Based on principles of sustainability and local resilience, KIT would like to further establish itself as a Transition hub for Kwinana.

Facing the prospect of end of the ‘Age of Cheap Oil’ and having depended on oil since 1859, society is facing big changes. This change however could be positive if planned for well in advance.


The Transition Network, in response to such a change, is a movement that emerged in 2005.  Transition is about communities addressing challenges at a local level.  Collaboratively, they are able to find new solutions to these problems whilst nurturing a caring culture, one focused on assisting each other, both as groups or as larger communities (hubs).

Kwinana's own hub, operating under the name Kwinana in Transition is part of The Transition Network as a hub for the people of Kwinana to transition towards a community based on sustainable principles, shared resources and to make a better more resilient Kwinana.

KIT encourages the Kwinana community to get to know its neighbours, to help each other and to ask for help when needed. Increasingly we are seeing community members growing their own food and we encourage the sharing of excess produce, seeds and plants. Our vision is a community of sharing because everyone needs a helping hand at times, whether it’s in the form of gardening advice or some extra muscle to establish a garden bed. Imagine a street in which rather that 15 neighbours buying lawnmowers, 1 or 2 lawnmowers are shared within the street and in exchange those neighbours might share their wood-chipper, some excess zucchinis or homemade jam. We envision a city of neighbours, where many grow their own food and where we all feel welcome knocking on each other’s doors when help is needed

To find out more about the global Transition movement, click here.

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